Welcome to Tirana Ink Supply, the premier source for tattoo gear and materials in the Balkans.

Our online store boasts a vast collection of the highest quality tattoo supplies and equipment, all priced competitively. Each item we offer undergoes a thorough quality check to ensure adherence to the strictest standards and legal mandates.

Tirana Ink Supply is honored to serve as the global authorized dealer for esteemed brands including Emalla, WJX, KWADRON, Panthera Ink, World Famous Ink, Xtreme, and more. Furthermore, we’re the primary distributor for several top-tier tattoo products and brands in the Balkans.

Our selection of tattoo supplies and equipment has been meticulously curated to offer only the best in the market. Whether you’re on the hunt for tattoo inks, traditional needles, cartridges, tattoo machines, grips, tubes, or permanent makeup – our inventory has it all. If you’re a tattoo artist yet to experience the Tirana Ink Supply difference, we’re confident that after your first order with us, you’ll remain a devoted patron.

Look no further than Tirana Ink Supply for all your tattoo equipment, supplies, and related lifestyle products.

Our Diverse Collection of Tattoo Supplies and Equipment For top-notch tattoo gear, Tirana Ink Supply is your destination. We’re experts when it comes to tattoo machines, inks, and unique equipment.

Tattoo Machines at Tirana Ink Supply

We proudly represent the finest in both rotary and coil tattoo machines available today. When new or advanced machines hit the market from any of our top brands, Tirana Ink Supply ensures they’re available for our dedicated artists. Our expansive lineup of exceptional tattoo machines is suited for all techniques – be it lining, shading, or coloring. With renowned brands like FK Irons, Emalla Grand, Mast, Arena, Ecualizer Neutron, and others featured, you’re sure to find the tools needed for outstanding tattoo creations.

To optimize your machine’s performance, a reliable power source is a must, and we’ve got you sorted in this department as well. Our array includes various power supplies, complemented by high-grade clip and RCA cords and footswitches.

Tirana’s Ink Offerings

Our name says it all – our tattoo ink collection is unparalleled. We’re confident in claiming the most diverse tattoo ink selection in the business, featuring brands like World Famous Ink, Kuro Sumi, Panthera, Xtreme, among others. Whether your art demands vibrant colors or the subtleties of black and grey, we’ve got the perfect ink for you.

Expert Tools for Tattoo Professionals

For tattoo artists, having the right equipment is essential, beyond just machines and inks. At Tirana Ink Supply, we provide everything necessary for an impeccable start to your artistry. Our offerings include ergonomic furniture for both artists and clients alike. As for products essential before, during, and post the tattoo process, we’re big proponents of Balm Tattoo.

Stay Connected

Tirana Ink Supply maintains a strong presence on major social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. We’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to foster connections with artists who rely on our quality offerings and services.

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